Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Everyone falls down some days;
Everyone gets scrapes
And even those
Who stand so tall
Will need a new band-aid
And even when your wallet's full
Your heart may be undone
And empty as a lonely house
That never sees the sun

Everyone falls out of love
And finds, sometimes,
They're bruised
Just some of them
Live right next door
And some are on the news

The thing is that
It's easy to
Forget we're all the same
And everyone needs band-aids
Even if they may have fame.


This one was inspired by a walk through my neighborhood, and pondering what lives people are living behind their front doors.

Houses that seem
So peaceful on the outside
But who knows the struggles
That burst in these walls?
Who knows if peace
Finds a way to escape
From the people who hide
In these gingerbread houses?
Is peace just their paint-coat-
A front, a facade?


Drips in each crack
In my soul
Like filling my lungs
With concrete
And it burns in my eyes
Like soap in the shower
It sears in my ears
In hot, scorching bolts
It slaughters my pride
Into bold, bloody bits
And I am left,
Watching this murder
I wonder,
"Was this what I wanted?"
But I know in my heart,
In my bruised, bleeding heart,
This is just what I need.

Think Of Me

Will you think of me tonight?
Under lonely moons and
Single stars
I sure know I
Will think of you;
And will you count back
Just one year
To when our paths
Were crossed right here?
Or have you boxed up
All our talks
And cut me off
Like grown-out locks?
I'm not right here
To be to you
A symphony
Left out of tune-
I want to fix this,
Make it right
So please, just
Think of me tonight.


Tonight I'm just
A lonely teenager;
Lying in the darkness,
Wet hair on the pillowcase
Singing along in my head,
Sad songs playing
In my ears
Wondering, as I talk to the stars
Where you are
If you care