Friday, April 26, 2013

Collective Heart

Dedicated to the man I will one day meet... :)

One night soon
We will be
Dancing underneath
Lights that twinkle
With the glow of our love;
I love you already
My heart is full
With the love saved up
From months and days
And moments that passed
In which I waited for you
And I continue to-
I continue to hold your name
Above all others in the human race
My precious love,
One day soon
You will hold me and,
Finding light in the bright corners of
These sacred spirits
We will always have love
Glowing, blissful
In our collective heart.

Sea Thief

One day I stole
Several perfect seashells
From a bush by the sea

I'm sorry.

The Forest

Afraid of what's inside of your heart
I take off running
Into the nearest forest
The outskirts of
This village of trees
Are shrouded thickly
Piercing and crowded
I run at a pace
That is frantic and desperate
I am chasing
And I am chased
I am not strong
I am not proud
I'm ashamed.
Shame steps with me
Clunk, clunk, clunk
Pounding into the forest floor
I want to be invisible
And disappear into the wind
As the sun slowly dips
As the air grows cold
I am more lost
As the hours pass
As my lungs burn
I lose you
And freedom from your
Dark brown eyes
Tastes sweet in lungs
That burn like betrayal
How could you let me go?
How did I let it go this far?
In this forest I will take refuge
Running until
My bones dry up
And my heart caves in
Maybe tonight,
If I run past the twilight
I will escape
The pierce of your eyes
And the sting of your words
Maybe if I run past the sunrise
I will reach the world's end
And I won't need you
To fill up these holes
I will be one
With the wind and the trees
And everything inside of me
Will heal

I repeat these words as I continue

Red Sun

On having a big personality.

I am
The warm sunrays
As he lays out for
A casual stretch
And then dives back in
For a cool, cool swim
With his back to the sun
He glides
Away from the glare
Away from words
That are sweet like honey
And smiles that spring
From that which is planted
And carefully cultured-
He does not dare look back
And I am left hanging
At first feeling
Like a love song,
So soothing
But now that he's swam
The width of the Atlantic
I feel silly up here.
Impatiently I'm beaming
And the heat feels
Too hot
On cheeks that blush
Red with shame
For I realized
For him I'm too much
And he's swimming around the globe
Looking for the moon
So cool she is,
As I melt helplessly
Behind the red-gold hills.


Someone who looked just like you
Passed me by today
And my heart trembled;
I wish I could look in
Your soul tonight
And see what lies
Behind chestnut eyes
I'm certain I
Saw something
Gentle and kind
How dreadful,
How bitter
That you can't be mine.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Born of a daydream.

Early morning
Right at dusk
I crept out of my little house
I made my way
Down quiet streets
Past drowsy dreams
And tucked-in sheets
And as the sun
Peeked over hilltops
I arrived
In a silent meadow
Thick as woven carpet
I stopped abruptly, stunned;
I found prayers on
Drops of dew
And I heard songs
From fallen leaves
The hope dripped, thick,
From yawning trees
I stretched out under
Auburn boughs
And I felt love cry silently
I've found you
While everyone was fast asleep.