Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I wrote this for a friend for his birthday... But I was too shy to give it to him. Haha.. just one of the many reasons I AM A DORK.

On your heart
There are many scars
But fresh eyes will be
Rewarded you
As you seek unceasingly
The light that guides.
The journey may be marred
By spiraling falls
Into the blackest of seas
But, without fail,
You will never be alone.
Take comfort
In the warmth
Of that which you seek-
As the heart opens,
And the mind grows
In that which cause
The eyes of the soul to see darkness
The light will be yours
TRUTH will appear
When the mind is ready.


In silence
I wait for you

My heart untouched
By the warmth
Of Your love
My soul unkissed
By the breath
Of Your holiness

Shivering, stammering,
I wait here

My dove,
My ardent angel
How fresh are the buds
That bloom as you silence
The chaos of Winter
As I unthaw
Under Your generous Light
Spirit, I beg you

Let me be
The one You seek
Let me be
Yours to keep.

Express Post

How many times have I
Held back my hands from
Taking a pen and
Writing these words on a page
And mailing it to you
Express post today,

"I miss you more than words could say,"



I am on a plane
Flying over rugged mountains
Half asleep from early morning rushing
Smiling at my elderly seat counterpart
Counting the hours
Until I reach Dallas

And still, you find me here.

The smile that I can't fit into
Words on a page
The delicate words
That tore me apart
The peaceful goodbye-
Painfully quiet

I am still aching in places unknown.

I thought I could escape you
With carefully packed luggage
Boarding pass?

I've carried you with me
Seventy two days now
My heart, unthinking, continues to whisper:
hold me in your thoughts
in a secret embrace

I'll let you go.