Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artists (Inspired by Van Gogh; For anyone who loves to create)

Artists, we stand
Under towering torrents
Rain and night, heavy
Weigh in our souls
Strug'ling for air
We let our thoughts breathe
In song, paint or ink
Any way to stand, freed.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Could it be
Darkness was
Hiding in
Light was
Nearby but
I covered
Its' features
Chills touch
My skin
As I realize
This truth:
Looks just
Like light.

Better Than You

The light has shifted
My eyes are new
The song has climbed
In transposition
And now I see
Now I hear
That everything's different
In terms of you
I thought you were strong
And just what I need
But now it is clear
You're dead wrong for me
I think it's because
I'm different now, too,
And the person I am
Does better than you.

The Top (Chastity)

Steps and steps
That creak and grumble
As we scale up
In hesitation
While dusty wheezes
Cake our feet
Yet still, we climb
These ancient stairs

Now I can feel
My bones aching
I wonder if
They will give way
And when you look
Back down at me
I see you feel
The very same

Then, finally,
We reach the top
And gaze out at
The stunning view
The river runs
In icy shivers
The birds soar
With fanning wings
The trees stand up
And reach to Heav'n
With verdant boughs
And branches, thick

But though the sky's
As pure as hope
And though the air's
As fresh as youth
I know this place
Is beautiful
Because I reached
The top with you.


As I hear
The song you showed me
I think of you
Your broken eyes
Your blackened heart
And the smile you wear
Like a coat to cover
The bleeding wounds
That spill from your soul
I hope when you hear this
The golden words
And ghostly signs
Of hidden hope
Reach inside
And touch you
I hope you're inspired
I hope you are new
I hope you fall to your knees
And cry out to Heaven
While tears soak your clothes
So the Love you've frozen
Will melt and rush
Like a snow cap's river
Out from inside you
And into the hearts
Of the pleading-eyed people
Waiting and hoping
You'll Live once again.

Chase After Light

I am not innocent
I am a sinner
I've burned down bridges
I've pushed back Truth
But something inside me
Says chase after Light
And Someone who died
Rose to give me new Life.


Somewhere he stands
Somewhere he walks
Somewhere he lives
And doesn't think of me
But if I come up
He shakes off the guilt
How I wish I could shake
The stinging heartbreak.


Something I have discovered
From the darkest pits of my soul
Is the key to achieving freedom
Is mastering self-control.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Pick up my hands
You see my scars
You know the days
I walked, I cried
You know the moments
I wished for you
The times I wanted
So deeply, I wanted
To push it all away
And go Home
But you dried the tears
That stained my shadow
And gave me a Light,
My Savior.

Silver Voice

He stood on the stage
The lights kissed his smile
His eyes looked at me
In a way so mysterious
I heard our souls lift
Up out of our bodies
And meet in mid-air
Like lock meeting key
I don't know why
I can't shake the picture
Of he and I being
Together someday
But deep in my thoughts
I hear this sad song:
The boy with the silver voice
Is too far away.