Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode To Dani

Happy eleventh birthday, Dani!

My smallest sister,
I love you more than summer
When the sun is hot
And the ocean's cool
And we are driving in my car
With out favorite songs turned up high

I love you more everyday
For with your eyes
Green like honeydew
And freckles sprinkled
On your face like stars
And your salty voice
Crackly like autumn
I see the beauty
Of strength & innocence
So wrapped up together
Like presents on Christmas

You are the perfect balance
Of give and take, black and white
You take each day and give it a smile
And suddenly the sun will shine
For even in rain,
Your eyes are bright

And I can't believe
That you are mine
I'm more than lucky
To call you a sister
Whenever I hear
Your sparkling laugh
It ruffles my thoughts
Like shattering glass
You touch my heart
Like a potter with clay
And you make me believe
That everyday
Magic is hiding
Waiting to be revealed
By a word or a dance
Or a heart that's been healed

Thank you for being
A firecracker, a rainstorm
A force to be reckoned with,
My sister,
My smallest sister.

Love, Katherine :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poem For Joey

Today you are six;
Your voice is a song
As sweet as the sound
Of a soft music box
And when you sing for me
There's nothing as bright
As the curve of your smile
You are so honest;
Naïve as a lamb
As clever as a monkey
As daring as a tiger
I love you as deep
As the layers of water
That ripple and shimmer
In the ocean's great depths
And I learn so much from you
About life, about spirit
About how to be sincere
When people are lying
I thank God for placing
Such a beautiful person
Into my arms
As my small, precious brother.



Spilling in torrents
Only on a mission
To never be bored
Never a dull moment
On days when we
Repeat the cycle
Of give and take sentences.


Today is a gift
It sits in my lap
Wrapped in the bow
Of an early morning
I can't help but wonder
What's in the box?
But I know that question
Is senseless to ask
For if I'm to have
The greatest of days
It's all up to me
To find in this day
The beauty of LIFE,
The face of God,
And the joy of Love.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Windmill Arms

I have to take this
Like water drips in spiral drops
When it is late
And you have left
The sink on
Just a tiny bit
For the seven hundredth time
I have to stop these thoughts
That run and run
Like windmill arms
Around and 'round
On gusty days
In numbers close
To infinite
Even though I miss you
Like summer days
Miss winter nights
Like the ocean's depths
Miss starry lights
Like anyone misses
Something that is
Far too far away.


Lately I've been thinking about forgiveness, and how it changes and challenges the human character. This poem is a culmination of those thoughts and ideas.

I know I'm only human
But that is not
A timeless pass
And I should have known better
I should have known
This wouldn't last
For all the useless moments
I drank up like
A careless sweet
Are now to me
The worst of me
And something I
Will not repeat
I'm sorry I was selfish
I do regret
The path I drifted
All the tears
I caused, my friend,
I pray to God
Will soon be lifted,
Lifted from your caring heart,
Lifted from your onyx lashes
But please, just know,
I am a phoenix;
I have risen from the ashes.

If I Were A...

Inspired by my friend who gives me creativity tips :)

If I were a summer
I'd be the warmest,
So people with broken hearts
Couldn't feel cold
If I were a bug
I'd be a cricket
Cause I'm always singing
Or talking too much
If I were a car
I'd be a truck;
Rusty and dented, sturdy & strong
If I were a song,
I'd be the kind
That pierces your heart
Yet still lifts you up
If I were an animal
I'd be a puppy
Cause words carry more
Than the weight of the world
When spoken to me.