Sunday, December 26, 2010


What would you do
If I were a raindrop
And you caught me in your palm?

Holding me close,
Would you see pure water;
The fragmented beauty of
Clouds' shattered shards?

Or would you see simply
Foggy rainwater,
Just a blank, little drop
With nothing to offer?

I'm scared to know the answer,
Shaking in my rain-boots.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

25 Random Things

I wrote this in January 2009, when I was 17 and in the musical High School Musical 2. I thought it was cool so I wanted to share it here! :)

1. My favorite color is purple and has been since I knew what a color was.

2. I have 10 siblings.

3. I just got my ears pierced wooo!

4. I am so excited for HSM2 that it feels like a bubbling volcano inside of me!

5. I write a lot.

6. I play the bass and the piano.

7. My worst fears are being trapped in a vent, clowns, loneliness and spiders.

8. My favorite kinds of dance are tap and lyrical.

9. When I figure out someone is mad at me, it feels like someone punched me in the stomach.

10. I'm very sentimental (Lisa reminds me that a lot haha)

11. I have a famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.

12. I collect movie tickets.

13. I love who I am when I'm with my fam and friends.

14. I read the Harvard medical book (1998 edition) (yes, I pride myself on my strange qualities haha).

15. Chastity and humility are beautiful to me.

16. I worry wayyyyy too much.

17. There are 5 people right now who I call my best friends (besides Christina and Lisa).

18. I think real beauty comes from kindness and selflessness.

19. "Cold Tangerines" by Shauna Niequist is my current favorite book.

20. I think modest is hottest haha.

21. Helping people with a problem or giving advice makes me so happy.

22. I love Taylor Swift's 2 albums SO MUCH.

23. People who are funny and make me laugh are amazing (cough cough Hill).

24. I think people are usually a lot funnier and cooler when they don't swear.

25. I am so thankful for life and all of the weird surprises and random adventures!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I Am On An Airplane...

(I wrote this on the plane from New York to L.A. :) it's a combination of missing L.A. and my hometown in northern California.)

Where the sun sets low
On Ocean's bend
Where the seagulls perch
On glassy shores
Where sun smiles down
On peaceful people
With my hands held high
To Heaven's gate
I praise the Name
I hear so loud
In my hometown
With people I know-
People who smile,
People who glow
Christmas is there,
Embedded in memories,
My family sings
A million melodies
Where my heart lies,
And never leaves.

Haiku In Blue

Even though I seem
Like I'm okay inside me
My heart feels like rain.


Why is it that I feel butterflies here?
And why do I ride on this absence of fear?
Whenever you're near I can't even stand still
Like earthquakes shake objects on your windowsill
I quiver and burst as I stand in your light
And feel my heart's seizure as my veins ignite
Like a rainbow cracks glass in a bottle too tight
I swallow your love and it's like kryptonite
And though I am frightened of how I react
I'm scared that my heart's too far gone to turn back
I beckon her softly, but she won't come through;
She's fearless and stubborn when it comes to you
And part of me likes that together we're art
But part of me fears that we'll soon break apart.


Our excitement fades
Like the weekend dies down
And who are we now
Without artificial bliss?