Sunday, December 20, 2009


Silver air floats
In wisps
In my lungs
From a glittering sky
And a hopeful
Snow sprinkle
If you listen
The angels sing
Joy from the rooftops
In the birth
Of the Son
Of the Lord.

Hold Back

You hold back your heart
With buttons of sarcasm
Zippers of anger
And seams of stiff solitude.


My mind was blurred
And full of deep slashes
Of criss-crossed thoughts
And blue-black emotions
I drove in the dark
Down the rain-slick road
The town was so empty
As I found my way home

The music was painful
The voices, so sad
As the radio played out
My life in a song
Blindly, I reached out
For you in your corner
Searching for you
In a place I was not
And trying to be
How we used to be

The truth unfolded
Like a crumbled-up sheet
A paper of clarity
Written for me
I saw that I can't
Step back in the mold
Of holding your hand
As you hold my heart

Just then the beat
Rang out in my chest
It stung and seared
I saw the veins rush
I saw that my heart
Was getting so close
But at the most
It remained


We are all sailors
On boats in our oceans
Searching for treasure
As happiness or friends
Reading a map marked
"X is where to go"
We sometimes read
Upside down
But in the end
We all float Home.

Silver Moon

Silver moon
Tell me a secret
How do you stay
So strong in the sky?
As shooting stars slide
Over ladders and bridges
Of galaxy curtains
That drape on your beams.

I'll Take This Pain

I'll take this pain
And write a love song
I'll take this pain
And let it clean out my soul
I'll take this pain
And with the tears from my eyes
I'll wash away my loss of self-control

I'll take this pain
And grow stronger
And paint a picture
Of all the colors we used to be
The only thing I won't do
When it comes to me and you
When it comes to the pain that you gave me
The last thing I'd let it do is hurt me.


My soul is wide open
My shield has now shattered
I don't know what's coming
But it doesn't matter
Cause I am here, helpless
Breathless and weak
From caring so much
And trying to trust
Someone who doesn't
Quite care about me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

His World Is Dark

The boy passed by
His words screeched out
And stung my ears
With a sharp, quick mock
My cheeks were scarlet
As humiliation
Burned in my chest
Like too hot tea
I looked at him
His eyes were cold
He did not care
His laugh was black
And I was left
On the side of the road
Anger and embarrassment
Shaking inside of me
But the moment passed
I am here
With light in my heart
Hope in my sights
He is gone
With his tongue that slices
Out words as stabs
And his world is dark.