Thursday, August 8, 2013

Outer // Inner

It's raining in Wisconsin- 
Teardrops streaking
The windows, thick
And through the storm
My bruises are healing
As my outer life 
Mimics my inner
I find it to be true
That pain can be used to heal.

Haiku for the umpteenth day

i have stopped counting
the days passed since we last spoke 
have you forgotten?


Let's keep driving
Through the streets of Tulsa
This song is too sweet
These streets are too mesmerizing
I am captivated
Aching with the meanings
Behind brick and barbecue and
Folks who build things
With dirt-stained hands
And bright, clean hearts
Please, let's get lost
So we will never stop
Circling these roads
In a city that tonight
Is holding me perfectly
And fitting my heart
Inside of its' county lines
Road signs and humble homes
Resting beneath a
Summer moon,
Glowing steadily in the
Heart of this country.

I'm sorry.

Seven days it's been
Since the day we last spoke
And I don't know why
This short silence
Stretches through my lungs
And chokes up my
last breath
Maybe it's because
You didn't say goodbye
Before you left
And now I feel
So foolish for thinking
We were going somewhere
Or building anything
I feel so stupid
For believing in what
I thought we could be
I didn't mean to scare you
Or show you that
I cared at all
I'm sorry for my
For my inquisitiveness
I'm sorry for wondering
Who you are on the inside
Pretenses and pressure removed
I'm sorry for wanting
To peel back your layers
To hold your secret dreams
Inside my palms
Safe, hushed and quiet
I thought you wanted a friend but
You didn't.
I was wrong.
I'm sorry, sorry
So sorry I tried.
I feel so foolish.

Soon it will be November

It's funny how one night /can stick in your mind for seven long months/ and how since the day I met you /no one can compare /and maybe it's my own fault/ for holding on, playing the songs we used to sing /or maybe it's your fault / for being so beautiful and/ for being so good to me that night /when I told you my story and/ you told me yours/ and your eyes were bright /hoping this would be our first chapter together /but you were wrong /and I knew it all along/ I thought it would be easy, that time would come swiftly /and cradle me in her soft, slow hands /but she didn't/ and soon it will be November /and I wonder, after one year /will I be okay again? / I hope you are / and I hope your heart/ doesn't hurt like this.


Here lies
The place where we were
The place where our hearts connected
Where our souls were iridescent
Here lies
The best of you
The scared part of me
We brought it out of each other
In rotating flashes
But I'm through now
And when you open your window
In the hot, sticky night
And you hear silence
You'll think of me
And the place that you buried
All that we were.