Sunday, May 6, 2012

On Wealth

If I am broke 
With empty pockets 
And hungry debts 
Hopefully I will be 
Rich in spirit, 
Full in heart 
And if I 
Reach for goodness 
I can get by
Without much of
The world's materials 
For my soul waits for places 
That money knows not.


Dark eyes
Simple lines
Easy times
And clear-sky nights
Subtle smile
Like a child's
Hearts grow wild-
You could be mine. :)


Dedicated to the emotion I wrestle with the most.

That which clenches at my stomach
And strangles my weak lungs
Pushing and pulling
Weighing me down
So heavy, so solid
It picks me up
And hurls me to the ground
I cry out, shaking
Drowning in this deep, heavy flood
With noise, so chaotic
Filling my ears
And water spilling
In a poisoned pool
Where I choke and drown
Weighed down by my own
Ancient sorrows
 I swallow Fear and smile
So it sits in my stomach
I smile at you
So eager and so ready
You wait for me
You wait on blazing days
Til sunburns scorch
And on freezing nights
Til frostbite leaves your limbs
A deep purple
As I am here
Chained, beaten, bound and gagged
Choking, I try to find
The words to scream out
To show I am scared
But Fear fills my lungs
Black, thick
And full of an energy
So wild and so exhausting
It chases me,
Rabid and biting
It wraps me up
In squeezing scarlet
Til my heart is blue
From lack of oxygen
Please leave me,
Your constant victim
And let me rest
So these bruises may mend.

Talking to Dreams

I had a vibrant daydream of a man too afraid to pursue his deepest and most beautiful dreams, and I awoke to write this poem for him. 

Lost in brilliant and broken lights
He stares out of
A thick, glass window
Talking to dreams
He never reached
And paralyzed
By untouched fears
So dusty and weathered
He's carried these secrets
In soft, leather cases
For many long years
Yet finally
The day has come
And the weighing fate
Is far too much
So questions ask
In loud canyon echoes,
"Will you crumble
Will you fly?"

Summer's Soul

Blue paint
Thick and fresh
Smells like days
Untouched just yet
Cans of peaches
Plump and full
Remind me of
A summer's soul.

Little Angel

For my smallest brother, Joey, who is 7.

tiny voice
with butterfly thin whispers
I hold you close
but you squirm away
black-brown hair
soft and short
tousled by me.

my little angel
who sleeps on the floor
on a pile of pillows
and blankets stacked high
I wish for you
to always smile
I wish for you
to never cry.

All The Rain

Rusty red tin cans
Filling up with falling rain
Slick, skinny shoots of grass
Straining high in crowded plains
Bulging puffs of heavy clouds
Weighing down on molded roofs

All the rain in deep, wet rivers
Couldn't wash my thoughts of you.

I don't understand.

For a friend I never meant to lose but still feel like I've already lost.

I don't understand
What happened
I don't understand
How we got like this
Maybe there was
Something I said
Maybe there was
Something I missed
Yet I cry out
From this corner
For you and the person
I know that you are
I know that your soul
Shines bright as a light
And I know that
Our friendship
Was brilliant like stars
And maybe the reason we've drifted
Has something to do with
The person I am
Maybe it was a misunderstanding
I just know this:
I don't understand.
I don't understand
How it happened
I just know that I wish that we
Could go back to the way
That we were all along;
Just a pure simple peace,
Just a pure simple "we".