Monday, November 11, 2013

True Self.

Who are you?

I think I can see you,
Standing there
Somewhere on an island
Although the vision is blurry
I see you and
I wish for our union
I want to be united with you.
I want to become everything you are.
For your movements are relaxed
And your face shows something
I've never seen;
You are real.
You are genuine.
You are not the acid reflux
Of your mother's wounds
And your father's pain
You are not a copy,
Or a wound up, lifeless robot
You are an original
And I want to be with you.
Please, if you would just let me
Look into your bold, brown eyes
I think I could understand
I think I could become
Something raw like
The untouched earth
Bathing in the morning sunlight
For you see the scars
And bruises I've hidden
From the days my heart
Was shamed and starved
The grief fills my eyes with tears
When I see you,
So beautiful,
When I behold
The warmth in your soul

How I would work,
Oh, how I would do anything
To be just like you.

First Friend

I'm sorry for everything.

I mumbled pathetically
through a storm of
tears pouring down
upon my downcast face
I've loved you everyday
since the day I met you

You were my first friend here

And I am so grateful for everything
that we have been through
but now we are nothing
and all that remains
is a quiet keepsake
in the palm of my hands
a picture of the two of us
I miss you already
I missed you the second I drove away tonight

I'm just sorry,
Sorry for everything.


I saw you today in the most
Unexpected of places
Your smile was even more
Perfect than I remember
You looked so happy
In your tie dye shirt
And I felt so happy
Being with you

And even though you
Stayed to talk to me for a while
And even though you asked me
A dozen questions about
How I have been
I felt the walls come up because
Why would it work out between us?
How could it possibly work?

You're beautiful but
So is the sunset
Coming in every night
To take my breath away
And then
Stealing slowly behind
The hidden hills
Leaving me with a
Deep melancholy
Just like today as I stood there
In the cafeteria
Staring up at your
Perfect golden sunlight

And I swallowed my pride
As I watched your sun set
For the hundredth time.