Thursday, February 6, 2014


I spoke to you today
And my heart collapsed
Into a puddle of relief
My soul sang out
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
I felt in some way
That I had risen

For I used to be hopelessly and devastatingly collapsed
Beneath the weight of your aching sorrows
And my thoughts twisted constantly
Around the thorny rose garden of your heart
I was infatuated, clouded, faded heavily
By your cold demeanor and empty vision
My heart shivered within the periphery of your backwards glances
I was a mess, a hopeless mess
Eaten by anxiety, drenched in doubt
Until I spoke to you today and
The fog was gone
The prayer was answered
The angels joined in as
My heart sang out in a single word


I am free from your entanglement.
I have risen from the depths.



I need to get
Your light brown eyes
Out of my mind
I shake my head
Whenever the fresh cream of your
perfect complexion
Invades on my concentration
As if the vision of you
Staring directly into my
Thirsty soul
Is just marbles
Rattling around my thoughts
A glassy nuisance
I could just let you drop
Out of my eardrums
With a simple tilt of the head

The matter is more serious than that
For it's been two hours since I awoke
And your smile is a constant.


There is something about
Wrapping up in a white sweater
Slowly eating
Chicken-noodle soup
From a wide, white bowl
Slowly sipping
Herbal tea
With raw honey and
Drops of juice from a
Fresh, golden lemon

It's something that makes
My body vibrate
With a deep sense of something
I can't define
But it sounds like

I love you,
So I will let you rest.


I will not be the one
To follow you around, waiting;
Which is why
I left the party early
Marching into the winter night like a soldier,
Head held high, heart sinking.

Beautifully Fragile

We used to drive around
In your red car
I can remember
The blue of your shoes
The pale sunlight of your hair
And the faded ivory
Of your teeth when you smiled
I could tell when you looked at me
That I was every color to you

But everything we had is faded now
Just busted-up canvases
Stashed away
In quiet attics
I'm a lost collection of
Careful brush strokes
As you got to know me
Eyes looking into mine,
Sparkling blue meeting melting brown

I guess some things
Are too beautifully fragile
Not to break.

Freezing Waters

His heart was a frozen pond
Slick, glossy, shivering ice
For miles upon miles
With a tiny, single hot-spring
Directly in the center

But one small slip or misstep
And one would be plunged into the
freezing waters-
Isolated and alone.

You are my only Hope

Like a single house
Lit up with Christmas lights
The only one for miles and miles
Down a darkened, lonely highway
On a shivering winter's night
Please, be the Home I am looking for
And light a fire inside of me
To thaw that which has been frozen
For decades past
I've grown so cold
And You are my only hope.


I understand
That you've been hurt
I understand
You're scared
But how that makes it okay
For you to run silently
Precisely when you said
You would be there
I don't understand
And when you called last night
Please understand
I didn't pick up
For exactly that reason;
I don't have a never-ending supply
Of blind sympathy-
The line ends when you begin
Leaving scars upon my heart
I guess you did not know
And I guess it's time you knew
That I'm not disposable,
I'm not going to wait
While you trample me underfoot
The torrent of your unstable emotions.

Where you belong.

Running towards

The glittering ocean

I left you in the shadows

Where you belong.


A girl sat alone
On a hill
On a cold, autumn night
Her face was wet with the tears of
A thousand and one long, lonely nights

No one came,
No one called,
No one cared

And yet- everything was alright
For she wrapped her hands around her knees
And faced herself in the reflection of the stars
She consoled herself,
Pressing her hands to her chest
And feeling her heart beat steadily

Three words rang out
Through her tears
through her chest


I am alive.