Friday, May 10, 2013

On A Spring Day

I did a cartwheel after I wrote this.

For a gust of sweet flowers
On a spring day that's
Pretending to be summer,
Excited for her sister
To come for a visit
Thank You for the birds
Bright, shrill voices
Layered over cotton clouds in a
Pale blue sky
For warm sun touching
My skin
Thank You for my skin
That stretches over
A body that is healthy
Healthy and moving am I

Thank You for late-night conversations
With friends I've known
Too many years to remember
I count them anyway
At those star-bright days
Kissed by Providence
As I learned
How to be a true friend.
Thank You for the times I have
Screamed and yelled,
Immature and bratty
At a family who accepted me,
Who kept me in their
Loving hearts and
Extended to me
The grace needed
To grow
I am so imperfect
And I see it in
Scars and secrets
Spilling from the pages of
My messy monologue
Highlighting my still-bright story
I just wanted to thank You, Lord,
Because today I got to
Walk the beach and
The sun was perfect and
It was then I knew
That You loved me.