Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Song For Winter

I hold this cup of tea to my chest;
Warm my heart, my dear
As I look up through
Snow-covered branches
I see angels
Gentle and fragile
Yet strong as steel
Hovering over
Broken hearts in the snow;
Fall to your knees, my love
And let winter bless you
With a frosty kiss
Let the cold of the wind
Match the breaks in your heart
And like fire,
Like cider
We will warm up together
And re-arrange time
Until you are by my side.
Let your fragile breaths of frost
Open us into
A people who let pain
Heal into something better
For are we not Spring,
With living Hope
In every heartbeat?

The Drive

Just two nights ago
I lost you
And tonight it was
That I couldn't bear
To sit at home and
Try to contain
The depth of
My cold, wet spirit
So I got in my car
And I drove.

I drove with the windows down,
Feeling December air
Fill my fragile lungs
I looked out at the last
Whispers of sunset
And in the dark
I drove as I cried;
Tears of sadness,
Tears of hope
Hoping, hoping
To let you go.