Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is Why I Write.

A random thought process I wrote down in the studio last week between lyric-writing and A Wrinkle In Time:

A lot of times when I am writing- poetry, lyrics, or just thoughts- I look back at pages and pages of my work in disgust. I wonder where my talent has gone. I wonder why I haven't created anything I am proud of lately. I think that horrible thought, that life-devouring thought:

What is the point?

And then it happens; one small, brilliant idea. A stunning poem I am really proud of. Something raw and radiant comes out of me with such force I am blown away. Once again I am renewed.
This is why I write.
There is a point to all of this. That great number of so-so things that I dumped onto paper in dismay, wondering, "Why am I still trying? Where is the gold?" all has a point.

Word by word, syllable by syllable, I'm building up a skill, nourishing and growing the gift God gave to me.

One great work cannot be without a thousand failures.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Writer's Block

Writer's block
Around the clock
Locks up all my
Gorgeous thoughts
Ties up all my
Words in knots
Do I need
To deal with this?
Is there something
That I missed?
Something in the
Rules of life
A contract that I didn't sign?


Crushed ideas make
Silent teardrops
On ice cold feelings
In quiet car-rides

But tomorrow we'll be
Where the sun never leaves
And our shivers we'll shed
Like snakes shrug their skins.

Desk & Chair

This poem inspired a song that may be on our album :)

I don't want a contract
Or an office
Or a desk and chair
I don't want dollars in my pocket
Or diamonds in my hair
All I want is you
With that perfect smile
And your hand in mine
Plus all your time.


Silence shakes
A thousand walls
That friendship had
Put up for us
And asks me all
The questions that
I would rather
Run fast from
I called you,
Left a message
But you did not call back
My heart is
Cold and empty
I'm scared that we've
Turned black
Like skin that's tinged
With frostbite
After a blizzard's kiss
I hate the thought
Of you being
Someone I'll always miss.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beauty In All Things

Dark brown coffee
Steams and hisses
Ocean waves
Come curl and crash
Human hearts
And Nature's drums
Are always beating,
Beating fast
Tie the laces
On your shoes
Feel the grace
Of Nature's kiss
There is something
Soft and silent
And to be missed
For if you wake up
At the time
Your sleepy head
Says, "Back to sleep,"
You'll find Love
Comes out to play
In chanting birds,
In foods we eat
For though the mud
Might seem to some
As nothing good
From Nature's spring
Open eyes
Will come to find
That there is beauty
In all things.


Our Story

Dedicated to my friends who have inspired me by their bravery and openness to love.

There's always a chance
When it comes to Love
That this could be the one
That breaks your heart
And I can say
From living it out
That I've been there
And the pain cuts deep

But maybe this time
The pieces will fit
Like slices of rainbow
Like tightly-held hands
And maybe each day
You'll think of me better
And grow in your interest
As I do for you
Maybe we'll fight
But each of these feuds
Will end with such growth
In grace and in trust
Maybe, just maybe
You and I
Could write our story
As one of the greatest.


In loving memory of a very good friend of my mom.

Had come to live
Inside the house
That was her heart
As family ties
Broke off and then
Dissolved into
A shaken dust

I remember the last time
I saw her smiling face
I was just a child
But I remember curly hair
And foreign words
So drenched in love
So loud and full
Of Passion's heat
I remember her two boys
Playing in my family's yard

And though she felt
As though her life
Had fallen off of Fate's top shelf
And shattered into
Something dark
Jesus knows
That even though
Her heart has stopped
And she is gone
Her soul still lives
And shines like sunlight
In a place
Where people smile
And loneliness
Is not allowed.


Brown eyes, thick lashes
You light up like matches
Strike hard cardboard boxes
Like fiery foxes
When I look at you
I can see what I do
It's like I am a spell
And you are as well
Cause you and me-
That's it;
Together we're magic.