Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'll give you a band-aid
To fix up your heart
I'll patch up your soles
When they fall apart
I'll bring you hot soup
When you're feeling cold
I'll be there for you
Until you grow old.


I'll let you go
Because you are happy this way
I'll let you go
Because I care
I'll let you go
Even though
Losing such a friendship
Seems cruel and unfair
I'll let you go
With tear-stained eyes
That you'll never see
Because I hide
I'll let you go
And from afar
I'll hope you're happy

I hope you are.


There's an old cup of coffee
Sitting on the table
The cream is all cracked,
Broken into pieces
Kind of like you,
Kind of like me
I guess we were never
Meant to last,
Never meant to be.

Let You Go

Hand me a brush
A canvas that's blank,
A palette of colors
The highest in rank
Turquoise and fuchsia
Tangerine, cream
Every great color
An eye's ever seen
Then with my brush steady
I'll cover the base
The whole of the canvas
With thick coats of paint
And with these smooth strokes
My feelings will flow
With trembling release,
I will let you go.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Find me someone
Who loves to dance
Because it makes
His heart feel free
Show me someone
Who loves to sing
Because it brings joy
To you and me
Then find someone
Who doesn't care;
All he wants
Is fame and wealth
Then line up these three
And I swear you'd hear
A belly-laugh
From Art, itself.


What happened to the words you said
That pounded straight into my head?
What happened to the things you did
That zeroed in on my heart and bit?
Like piles of files, all your faults
Stacked up high and filled the vaults
Inside my mind, now I'm so scared
For now you're back, I'm not prepared
With all the reasons we were wrong
That I collected when you were gone.

Order's Not Ready

I'm sorry, sir,
But your order's not ready
Though you may find this
Inconvenient and petty
The heart you want
Inside my chest
Needs a while
More to rest
And you can't pay
A million dollars
Or hire all your
Smartest scholars
To investigate
The day I'll be
Ready for
Your company.


I look back to that night
When we were driving in your car
Radio blasting, summer heat
Clear, black sky with a slice of moon
I rolled the window down
As you were talking, happily
And as I look back to that picture
And think of all you mean to me
I realize that I loved you then
Just as much as I do now.


Every girl you see
Turns the other way
As you make the wrong decisions
When you know it's a mistake
But I can't be like that
And follow you around
Pretending it's okay
To watch you as you drown.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hide And Seek

Jesus can be found in breaths
Slowly rising in our chests
And gifts we give with loving hearts
In the wrapping, torn apart
The Love of Him lives quietly
Like a game of hide-and-seek
If you seek Him, you will find
Happiness and peace of mind.


Take my hand
And we will dance
Like oil jumps
In sizzling pans
Like rain rushes
Down mossy treetops
Like laughter splatters
Over stagnant silence
We will dance like that.

Not For Me

Drinks spill out
And fill their cups
Sips them up
Except for me,
It's not for me;
For I want my eyes
To see things clear
I want my mind
To think bright thoughts
I want my heart
To love, unrestrained
I want my soul
To be snow-white
No, thank you, sir
No drink for me.

With The Lord

On my own
My footsteps shake
So I can
Barely walk
And by myself
I try to sing
But I can
Scarcely talk
Yet with the Lord
I can be
As sturdy as
An ancient tree
And sing with notes
Like honey, sweet
But only when
The Lord's with me.

Haiku # 6

Please don't take your words
As light as a feather falls
For to me they're not.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Missing Piece

I close my eyes
And think about
The one who I
Can't live without
The boy who God
Has made for me
Who is my puzzle's
Missing piece
I feel I have
So much to give
So many days
I'll spend with him
I'll keep his secrets
Ans share mine
Give him all my
Love and time
So right now as I'm
By myself
I won't get sad
Or sigh or dwell
Instead I'll be
Ready for
Whatever God
Has in store
Still, until then
I stay within
A happy place
And think of him.


Don't you know
How desperate you look?
Going around
From girl to girl
Shattering hearts
Like panes of glass
Building their hopes up
Only to smash
The fragments they kept
Yet now that you've stepped
On the last of their
Broken-up souls
The pain and the fear
Run swiftly as tears
Down from their eyes
As they see through your disguise
And though you may say
This is just as you planned
Heaven knows, you're a boy
Dressing up as a man
And with each trick you play
Same as each line you say
You're playing a game
Seeing girls without names
You call them the same
A word I won't say
But the truth is,
Through all of their pain
There is only one soul
Spinning out of control
And all that you do
Will catch up to you;
One day you will fall
Really care for a girl
And on that same day
She'll be your whole world
With beautiful eyes
Like her heart of pure gold
You'll want to be there
And do just as you're told
You won't be quite sure
How to act, what to say
Your lines won't work for
She's much more than your game
Then she'll smile at you,
Reach out for your heart
But then be confused
As you give her a part
A tiny, cracked piece
She won't know what to say
For she kept her heart whole
As you gave yours away
And you'll feel like your soul
Is covered in rain
For she sees you're a player
And won't take your game
You may ask how I know
That these things come to be
It's cause I knew that boy
And that girl was me.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


You've seen who I am on the outside
With make-up and hair done, big, bright smile
You've seen me with best foot forward
But look past the inch and it goes a mile;
Sometimes I'm broken and can't find my way
Sometimes I can't think of what words to say
Over and over, I make big mistakes
Like trusting too quickly, I slam on the brakes
I make crazy messes
Inside of my head
With thought trains in circles
No logic, instead
I'll mix up a fact
With a feeling I felt
Then take it all back,
Blaming all but myself
Will you love me when
I am angry at you?
For different opinions
We both say are true?
What about days
When my hair is a mess
And I don't feel pretty,
Just frazzled and stressed-
Will you love me then?
Will you still be there?
What if I got cancer
And lost all my hair?
Would you see me for
Who I am deep inside?
See, I'm far from perfect
And don't want to hide
I want you to love me
With all of my scars
Cause that's how I'll love you-
For all that you are.

Green Tea With Honey

The only thing
I've had today
That kept a smile
On my face
Is a smooth, hot cup
Of clean, green tea
With soaring drops
Of sweet honey
Coating over
My lonely throat
With notes of
Bitter, sweet and so
The drops fell from
My scarlet mug
And into me
Like ribbons, snug
Tie packages
Of good intent
That carry gifts
(With love they're sent)
And so I taste
The soaking leaves
And with each sip
I feel happy.