Sunday, December 20, 2009


My mind was blurred
And full of deep slashes
Of criss-crossed thoughts
And blue-black emotions
I drove in the dark
Down the rain-slick road
The town was so empty
As I found my way home

The music was painful
The voices, so sad
As the radio played out
My life in a song
Blindly, I reached out
For you in your corner
Searching for you
In a place I was not
And trying to be
How we used to be

The truth unfolded
Like a crumbled-up sheet
A paper of clarity
Written for me
I saw that I can't
Step back in the mold
Of holding your hand
As you hold my heart

Just then the beat
Rang out in my chest
It stung and seared
I saw the veins rush
I saw that my heart
Was getting so close
But at the most
It remained

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