Monday, January 18, 2010

The Top (Chastity)

Steps and steps
That creak and grumble
As we scale up
In hesitation
While dusty wheezes
Cake our feet
Yet still, we climb
These ancient stairs

Now I can feel
My bones aching
I wonder if
They will give way
And when you look
Back down at me
I see you feel
The very same

Then, finally,
We reach the top
And gaze out at
The stunning view
The river runs
In icy shivers
The birds soar
With fanning wings
The trees stand up
And reach to Heav'n
With verdant boughs
And branches, thick

But though the sky's
As pure as hope
And though the air's
As fresh as youth
I know this place
Is beautiful
Because I reached
The top with you.

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