Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pick-Up Artist

The pick-up artist
Watched me
And picked me from
The rest
And with the lines
He'd memorized
He wrapped my heart
In twisted vines
The same that he
Had used before
On all the other
Girls who wore
Down to the planned-out
Schemes he set
From practiced moves
From books he read
He calculated
All I was
To see how he
Could make me bend
He used up all
The tricks and plans
To try to make
Himself my man
To break into
My very soul
As if I'm like
An entered code
He treated me
Like all the rest
Although I know
I'd love him best,
Give all the love
He'd hope to get
Too bad for him
I tore his net
The one he had
Laid flat for me
To set a secret
Trap for me
Although I was
For one blink caught
I quickly saw through
All I'd bought
I shook him off
With just a scar
And got into
My get-away car
To go back to
The place I live
Where people love
And people give
Instead of take
(As he did best)
Now he's on
Another quest
To maximize
His benefits
I wonder when
He'll realize this:
That inside girls
Are beating hearts
And in the end
He'll fall apart.

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