Sunday, May 15, 2011

Desk & Chair

This poem inspired a song that may be on our album :)

I don't want a contract
Or an office
Or a desk and chair
I don't want dollars in my pocket
Or diamonds in my hair
All I want is you
With that perfect smile
And your hand in mine
Plus all your time.


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  2. Katherine, I have been going through this blog and reading all of your poems. From one writer to the next, may I say, your talent is beyond words. I couldn't help but come across this poem, the obvious inspiration of "Million Bucks." Surely it is short, but it is undeniably sweet. God bless you, Katherine! Never stop writing!
    With love, Grace

  3. Million Bucks!!! I stumbled across your blog today and the poems are so beautiful! Cimorelli is so talented, and your passion for God is so encouraging!

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