Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I want to see you laugh
With the power and emotion
Of echoes in a canyon,
A thousand miles deep

I want to see you cry
With the gutting desperation
That chokes our throats with teardrops
And shakes our bodies
Like stunning earthquakes

And I want to see you smile
With the glowing joy
Of a string of bulbs
Reflecting off of a shattered mirror
Like music screams our deepest thoughts

For I just want to know
That you feel, too,
The things I do
Please let me feel your heartbeat
So I know you're a human, too.


  1. you have a incredible heart, and a great talent with the words. I'm very impressed. x

  2. Hello ! :)
    So incredible. I love your blog.
    And I love your songs too. :) I see it in youtube, Cimorelli! :D And they are so amazing. You are fantastic ! I follow you :) A kiss. <3