Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Song For Winter

I hold this cup of tea to my chest;
Warm my heart, my dear
As I look up through
Snow-covered branches
I see angels
Gentle and fragile
Yet strong as steel
Hovering over
Broken hearts in the snow;
Fall to your knees, my love
And let winter bless you
With a frosty kiss
Let the cold of the wind
Match the breaks in your heart
And like fire,
Like cider
We will warm up together
And re-arrange time
Until you are by my side.
Let your fragile breaths of frost
Open us into
A people who let pain
Heal into something better
For are we not Spring,
With living Hope
In every heartbeat?


  1. What a great poem! Its not like any other poem I read. This actaully gets me motivated for things. Amazing poem from an amazing person! =)

  2. youre such an awesome writer :)

    hugs, ela from xx

  3. I <3 cimorelli . Hallo my name is wiola . I from poland . <3 beautiful blod . Believe it kocham .

  4. Gosh Kath, you're so inspiring! I love reading everything you write!

  5. You write such beautiful poetry and you have such a pretty singing voice! I know you are religious and love God and I personally am not religious, and I kind of found it hard before to understand, but reading your poetry (not just this one poem, the one that you said was about a strange moment) makes me understand why there is religion. I'm not sure if that even makes sense c:

    Love from your number one Cimorelli fan!!!!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your poems.
    I love your blog and so I'll follow it.
    Love you<3

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  7. Hey Kath!
    I love your poems so much and I enjoy every of your musicvideos, I'm such a big fan! I wrote a letter to you but I think you didn't get it, very very sad :( But so I have made a pic for you, it would be awesome if you would see it, kath!
    Here's the link:
    Hope so much you like it :)

  8. Hi! My sister and I are CimFans, but also poet-lovers, and poets.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem!

  9. Very nice poem Katherine ! The words match perfectly together ! Great job ! :)

  10. Kath, It's such an incredible poem! It's so inspiring and beautiful! <3
    -Nadine :)