Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You can't buy a Life.

Last night was by far the worst night I have ever experienced. My car broke down on the side of the road, and as I was getting it towed, the tow truck driver was hit by a woman who was driving erratically. It was a hit and run. (We don't know yet if she was under the influence, but she had a history of opiate use and all signs seem to be pointing that way, as she hit a parked car further down the road. She is in the hospital in critical condition, hemorrhaging from the brain. Please pray for her, that God will heal her, that He will redeem her, and use this experience to change her life for the better.)

Please let this be a reminder to drive safely, to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and to appreciate the beating heart in your chest, and the memories and stories pulsing through your veins. Never take your life for granted. If you are reading this, you have yet to fulfill your purpose on this earth. I pray for your strength and perseverance in becoming the best you can be.

I wrote this poem when I got home last night, and it's dedicated to the tow truck driver. May he rest in peace, cradled safely in the love of our Father.

I watched you die tonight.

I didn't know you more
Than three or four sentences
Just casual words exchanged,
"What happened to the car?"
"Where would you like it towed?"
You smiled, simply, kindly
Just doing your job
Just helping out a frightened girl
On the side of a dangerous highway.

I heard the noise
I did not see the car
What was she thinking?
How could she leave you there,
Speeding off in a frantic hurry like that?

It must have been Fear, I decide.

All I remember were
The golden headlights
As I leapt in front of
Countless cars
Screaming, screaming,
"Stop! Stop!"
I pointed at your body
I did not dare to go too close.

The ambulance came.
They lit the flares.
The paramedic approached me-
"He's passed."
"Just five deep breaths."
"It's out of your control."

And I learned tonight
You cannot buy a Life
With unceasing sobs
And helpless prayers of pleading.
So I'm left to say,
Rest now, sir,
In the arms of the One who loves you most.
I asked Him to give you
His deepest place of Love
I asked Him to care for
Your grieving family

I never got to meet your brother
Who, I overheard,
Was on his way
So all I have
Is your full name
I'll carry it forever with me.


  1. Kath you are so talented, i love you so much, I will be a CimFam forever, I promise!

  2. i am so sorry for you to see this! RIP truck driver! and i really hope the woman gets better very soon! i'm gonna pray for the families and for everybody who needs it <3

  3. Wow, just wow! He lays in the soft arms of peace. She may live confined, in many different ways. All is done now. Be with as much faith and love as possible Dear Kath.

  4. A response from Tony Tross

    When my children were young
    They asked
    Dad, what is the most dangerous animal?
    I countered "what do you think"
    Bears were immediately shouted.

    Oh no, I softly said,
    It's people

    We don't mean to be
    (though sometimes we do)
    Free will also confers
    Great Responsibility
    It all just falls apart.

    And they asked
    "What is the most dangerous
    Thing that you have done?"

    And even more softly I said

    They could understand
    Lions and
    Tigers and
    (oh no!)
    But not people
    And not cars.

    I hope they get it now
    They have all grown.


    1. Thanks so much for sharing your poem, Tony. It is really touching. God bless you and thank you for always supporting us. It means a lot to me.

    2. I simply did not know what to say, so that flowed out. I have driven the Alaska Highway more than a dozen times and, perhaps spare Lisa, once hit a moose. The adrenaline and shock are soon enough replaced with other remembered-by-the-body reactions to similar circumstances. The same type of road, same darkness, etc. It never goes away completely, but rather fades into ever more occasional flashes. Now, 15 years later, the memory is very rare and is a story I might tell at the pub; as many Canadians have similar stories if they drive through the wilderness regularly. The body memory never goes away, though, and that is probably a good thing. Just as practice dancing eventually becomes the art of dance, the art of avoiding moose is a good skill. God bless you Kath.

  5. Oh, Kath, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. No one should have to witness something like that. My prayers are with you, for your comfort, and for the tow truck driver's family, as well as the woman who hit him, and her family.

  6. This is a beautiful poem. I hope you're okay. CimFam <3 xx

  7. heart-warming <3 x
    although it's hard to say, events such as these, as tragic as they are, really shape who a person is <3 xx

  8. So Sorry R.I.P This made me so sad my heart is seriously aching I hope everyone in his family has a good life. I have been in many accidents involving car but lucky to live. I am now going to be thankful and kind to everyone I meet and live every day like it's last.

  9. very beautifuly written, I'm sorry for your experience.

  10. This is so sad :( it breaks my heart imagining the scene.. Katherine please no it was not your fault but you tried to fix what was already ruined. Praying for the woman and the truck driver's family- beautiful poem <3 x

  11. Katherine,
    I went through something similar 2 years ago.. I was 14, and at an event at my church. One of the guys in my youth group died in a tragic accident. I was a witness. It totally changed me. When people ask me about it, I tell them that that was the day I grew up. I aged several years in one night. I've never been the same since then, but God is faithful. I often felt like no one understood, or they thought I was overreacting, but just remember that God understands even when no one else does. I would recommend maybe seeing a Christian counselor... I did, and it really helped me. One of the verses that especially helped me was Psalm 71:20-22. A song that I really helped me too was this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjnCxvH4Q3w Its been 2 years and I still have flashbacks occasionally, but the pain and terror of it all is much less than it used to be. Just remember that God will be your Strength and Comfort when you have none. I'm praying for you girl! Just keep trusting God and He will carry you through.

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I really appreciate you sharing your story with me. It is really helpful <3

  12. Kath .. I said it to myself when I saw that recent pic post on FB, the one where you're wearing all white .. you are an angel. God bless you and keep you safe.

  13. Kath i believe in god cause i feel him, i believe in karma cause i have felt it, i believe in angels cause i know one... You. You are more than life. You are full of love and goodnes. You have a big part in this world and when it's hard remember these words "God have made us all for a reason. What is your's?"

  14. Wow, Katharine, this is such a well written, heartfelt poem. Thank you for writing such beautiful poetry. You are awesome! I wish I could write like you. If you see this comment, please, please reply. Thanks.

  15. Thank you for sharing Katherine. I am so sorry you had to witness this, but thank God that you have the strength to share your experience with everyone you know as a reminder of how precious and fleeting our life on Earth is. Take care and God bless.

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  17. I've been preparing for Lent and was already in a somber mood when I read your post and poem, so your experience hit me hard. All those I had lost to tragedy or violence flooded my mind. I will be praying for the Carver and Rose families, but mostly for you, my dear sister. May His presence be especially close to you as you heal from this traumatic experience. Love and peace.

  18. wow, this just made me cry. i feel so sorry for the truck driver. it must have been a horrible experience for you.

  19. Your experience isn't a night anyone would wish on anybody, but it's the kind you find in the backgrounds of the people who seem stronger in life's crises, and more aware that each moment they have with anyone is the only moment they're sure of... so we should be at our best and make the most of our times together. One thing you did that seems really wise and right is to get it out there in your writing so that others can experience it through your eyes, and, in a way, be there with you. That seems to be what we need most after traumatic events, is to not have to bear the experience alone.

  20. Oh gosh..I'm in tears- I'm so sorry you had to go through something like that. I can't imagine the horror you must have felt and I promise, my family are praying for you to remain the strong person you are <3
    I do see life as a mixed bag and believe that every bad situation has a silver lining- although this tragedy has happened, I am thankful that you have chosen to trust in God and share this message and poem to remind us all how precious life really is and how we must always try our best to be grateful for our lives through everything we do..
    God bless you, Kath

  21. It sucks that you had to write this. I'm not trying to say the poem is bad, its beautiful, but melancholy. Your other poems, and your music, are so beautiful, and they have hopeful tones (though I'm not sure if that was the intent), so it sucks when you turn to fear, anger, hate, or depression to write something so beautiful. Again, the poem is great, but nobody should have to go through this. Please don't let this haunt you.
    - Ant

  22. so sorry to hear about this. It's a horrible thing to experience. I'm praying for all involved. May God's love strengthen you and comfort you in this tough time. Your poem is beautiful and a wonderful dedication to the man. Lots of love and hugs. xxxxx

  23. I love you lovebug :) I hope everything is fine I know well I do not know but I can imagine how are you feeling. That was an awful experience but maybe he did his job in this world... If you want to talk with us you have thousands of thousands of peeps that wanna talk to you no matter waht. Please be safe hug to your family, be grateful with life and enjoy your life because is amazing (I really envy your life) LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3

  24. Im praying for all involved and its just so sad u have to see all that. Though we need to be thankful cause that could've been you. Somehow you were saved and i cant thank God enough for that. But witnessing someone die is really heartbreaking. Heres one big hug for you and hopes that makes u feel better.

  25. Thank you so much for sharing the fact and expressing your feelings so convincingly.
    It is so important to me and to so many others simply to know you are still here, sane and safe.

    I can understand how terrible this experience has been to you. I have had to see scenes like this, and when I had an accident wich should have been fatal, I ended without a single physical bruise, but not having expressed any feeling, almost unable to drive again without fear.

    So, please, I beg you, dear Katherine, drive again, as soon as you can, not letting fear getting you over.

    We so badly need you healthy, happy and serene, so we pray, may our Lord protect and bless you, your sisters and family forever...

  26. I am so sorry this had to happen. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you Katherine. God is your comforter and He will guide you through this. Talk to your sisters and those closest to you. Again, I extend my prayers to you.

  27. May he rest in peace. Good thing you were the last person he met––you were brave flagging down those cars and making sure he got taken care of.

  28. Kath, I'm so sorry you had to experience that. I know God will have this man in a good place and you'll be alright... it's something that will get you a greater love for life and God, and will help you to be an even better human being. My prayers go with you, this man's family and soul, and that woman.

  29. I pray that you feel the Fathers peace and comfort in this season. I do love your outlook on wanting to pray for the woman. We all want justice, but the Lords justice and grace cannot be separate. They are one in the other. It's beautiful and I think it's amazing that you understand that. So, bring your peace and grace Father. "He makes all things work together for our good". Be blessed sister.

  30. Ehh It's beautiful! <3 I'm crying :(( I love you!

  31. Thank you for your words. May you continue to be a blessing to the world, wrapped in God's love.

  32. Thank you all so much for reading my story. It means a lot to me and helps me tremendously in healing from this. I just ask for continued prayers for the family of the tow truck driver, and the woman. Thank you.

  33. I knew Ron Carver. I'm still in shock...Thank you so much for trying to get him help. He will be very much missed. I'll be praying for you and everyone involved. I have to be honest, I haven't come to a place where I can forgive that woman yet, but I know that, in time and my trusting in Jesus, I will be able to forgive her. Please, do keep praying for the family and everybody. Thank you.

  34. Such a beautiful poem, Kath. You have such a huge heart full of so much love and respect. I pray for you, the tow truck driver and his family, as well as the woman that killed him. Stay strong! R.I.P RLC.

  35. Thank you for being with my friend when he died. He was a kind man and will be missed. Knowing that he was with a caring person in his last moments makes it a little easier. His wife and children would find comfort I'm your poem. You statement of faith is wonderful. Have faith that the Lord will watch over you and heal any wounds.

  36. Katherine, 3 weeks ago I was trying to find a song That I heard on the radio an came across Cimorelli singing it. I was blown away by how amazing you and your sisters are that I have been sharing with my friends co workers and family..
    . Tonight I received a devastating phone call from a co worker who informed of an accident that occurred Monday night.. She told me that another coworker whom is dear to my heart had lost her son in that accident. As I started researching online I came across your blog. It brought tears to my eyes..words can't describe the emotions I'm feeling..the chances of me just coming across you and your sisters singing and me spreading the word of cimorelli.. And the connect with the the news I've just heard.. I just want to thank you for being there with your strong faith. I'm sadden to know the feelings you must have felt during this horrific night. Your poem is beautiful! Stay strong. My prayers are with you, his mother, family and friends..

  37. Katherine, this is really touching and I'm so sorry that you've been through this. I'm praying for the tow truck driver and his family right now because I know he doesn't deserve this. I understand how you feel and I want you to stay strong because I know how miserable seeing something like this in front of your eyes. I really hope you're okay now and wish you the best! Please stay strong whatever anything happens to you because I'm sure god will replace it with something great and exciting. God is great.

  38. Kath, I am so sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience. I too, know what it's like to witness someone take their last breath. It's frightening and it's something I wish no one had to see. I will be thinking of you, the woman, and the man. Please try and keep a smile on your face and stay as strong as you can. It is now in His hands. Love you sweet young lady!

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  40. Dear Kath. I will pray for this woman, driver and you. Heal your soul and smile again. God love you. You are great.

  41. Katherine:
    My wife and I were with you on PCH Monday night. The scene was surreal. Your tribute is meaningful.

    None of us will ever forgot this tragedy. Each time I drive by the spot, I acknowledge Mr. Carver. Probably always will.

    May RLC rest in peace. Our prayers to his family.

    Consolation to you as well, your efforts were real. I was there, you are a brave woman.

    Sending you a hug.

    1. Ken, I remember you and your wife and I thank you for your comfort and help that night. It is deeply appreciated.

      I always acknowledge him as well whenever I drive by. I met his family this past weekend and they are wonderful people. May God bless them all.

      Thanks again for all you did that night. It means a lot to me.

  42. I want to start by saying I don't know you personally. I can't even imagine what you are going through right now, so I'm not going to pretend to. I just want to say that I am praying for you and for the driver. Just know that I love you and Jesus loves you. God does many wonderful and amazing things, and he has a purpose for you. You are meant to do great things. Be strong.

  43. Hi Katherine,

    When reading an online article about our friend Ron Carver's death, I saw a comment that someone had posted that said that the girl that he was helping wrote a poem about the experience and the link was included. I clicked and read it (it was very good). I am a Cimorelli fan and realized that it was you who wrote it. It was you who experienced this. I am so sorry for you; that had to be so tramatic for you. I have prayed for God to comfort you.

    I thought it might bring comfort to both you and Ron's wife if you were connected and possibly could attend the funeral. I passed the link along to our close friend Lisa Cirricione (who you met at the funeral), who passed it along to Kristi Carver, Ron's wife, who I understand reached out to you.

    Thank you so much for going to the funeral; I'm sure that was very hard for you. My wife & I weren't there because we live out of state now in South Dakota. However, we have heard such great feedback from our friends who were in attendance at Ron's funeral about you being there, what it meant to Kristi Carver, and just how you were to people and what you communicated about your faith.

    As Cimorelli fans, we have been impressed with your (and your sisters') talent, but we are really impressed by your Godly character and wanted to touch base and encourage you as a fellow believer, to keep on keeping on: loving on and blessing people. It will be difficult and inconvenient, especially with increasing career success, but it matters more than anyting else.

    Many blessings to you,

    Jeff & Lezlie Cecchini

  44. Praying that God has used you and given great peace and comfort in and around all involved. You were there for a reason and that reason may just be the seed to God's Greatness in the lives of many. I don'y know you , but I'm a sister friend to Rhonda and Dan Garbisch. They are dear family friends to and shared this blog site. Lifting you up as God will use you in a mighty way!

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  46. Hi Kath!
    A few weeks ago, my family was driving, and passed a tow truck driver doing his job on the side of the road, opposite to where our car was. As we drove by, I couldn't help but think of you and what you went through. I hope that man can keep helping people by doing what he does best, and that he can go home safely to his family every night. I admire how strong you are, and your tow truck driver and his family are in my thoughts always. <3 Come to Canada soon! :D
    Judy (@gogreen1010 on Twitter)

  47. You're so talented Katherine, i really love your poems <3 x

  48. I loved this poem!! I know it's a long time since you wrote it, but I didn't comment it then... Keep up the good work!! :-) I like reading your poems! :-) you are so taented in everything you do!! <3