Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Express Post

How many times have I
Held back my hands from
Taking a pen and
Writing these words on a page
And mailing it to you
Express post today,

"I miss you more than words could say,"



  1. Doubts will always come, but we have to push ourselves. This is simple, yet beautiful (:

  2. I miss you too, Kath
    Because I'm so far away from you
    I live in Paris, in France
    And I worry about you,
    Because you are so pure,
    Because I want you to be happy
    Just because I love you...
    Xavier QUENTIN
    (I have a facebook, I'm one of your fans...

  3. Kath,
    French version, for you :

    Je me languis de toi, moi aussi, Kath,
    Car je suis si loin de toi
    Je vis à Paris, en France
    Et je m'inquiète à ton sujet,
    Car tu es si pure,
    Car je veux que tu sois heureuse,
    Juste parce que je t'aime...
    Xavier QUENTIN
    (J'ai un compte facebook, je suis l'un de tes admirateurs...