Friday, May 10, 2013

On A Spring Day

I did a cartwheel after I wrote this.

For a gust of sweet flowers
On a spring day that's
Pretending to be summer,
Excited for her sister
To come for a visit
Thank You for the birds
Bright, shrill voices
Layered over cotton clouds in a
Pale blue sky
For warm sun touching
My skin
Thank You for my skin
That stretches over
A body that is healthy
Healthy and moving am I

Thank You for late-night conversations
With friends I've known
Too many years to remember
I count them anyway
At those star-bright days
Kissed by Providence
As I learned
How to be a true friend.
Thank You for the times I have
Screamed and yelled,
Immature and bratty
At a family who accepted me,
Who kept me in their
Loving hearts and
Extended to me
The grace needed
To grow
I am so imperfect
And I see it in
Scars and secrets
Spilling from the pages of
My messy monologue
Highlighting my still-bright story
I just wanted to thank You, Lord,
Because today I got to
Walk the beach and
The sun was perfect and
It was then I knew
That You loved me.



  1. Katherine this poem is JOY it makes me so happy to read it :DD

  2. So beautiful, Katherine. I can certainly understand why you were so joyful after writing it. I meant to tell you how much I enjoy reading your poems when I met you in Texas but I forgot :/ So I'm telling you now - they're amazing and always touch my heart.

  3. I feel the joy and beauty in this, I love it! Thanks!

  4. This is so perfect, Kath. Definitely one of my favorites! :) Can't wait for more.

  5. A true example of a happy and contented person! Cheers to that! :)

  6. Love the each word in this post. You're blessing! I love your humbleness of heart, reflected how beautiful you are.

  7. Kath, magnificent your poetry, I tried to do the spanish translation as I am from Argentina,

    En un día de primavera

    Gracias, Señor
    Por una ráfaga de flores dulces
    En un día de primavera, que es
    Pretendiendo ser verano,
    Excitado por su hermana
    Que viene a visitarlo
    Gracias por lo pájaros
    Brillantes, agudas voces
    Yaciendo entre nubes de algodón en un
    Pálido cielo azul
    Por el cálido sol tocando
    Mi piel
    Gracias por mi piel
    Que se extiende
    Un cuerpo que es saludable
    Saludable y móvil como soy

    Gracias por las conversaciones
    En la noche tardía
    Con amigos que he conocido
    Demasiados años para recordar
    Sin embargo los puedo contar
    A esos días como estrellas que brillan
    Besados por la Providencia
    Como he aprendido
    Cómo ser una amiga verdadera
    Gracias por el tiempo que he tenido
    Gritado y llorado,
    Inmadura y caprichosa
    Con una familia que me aceptó
    Que me ha tenido en sus
    Amorosos corazones y
    Me han extendido
    La gracia que necesitaba
    Para crecer
    Soy tan imperfecta
    Y lo veo
    Heridas y secretos
    Derramandos de las páginas de
    Mi confuso monólogo
    Resaltando mi historia aún brillante
    Sólo quiero agradecerte, Señor,
    Porque hoy fui
    A caminar a la playa y
    El sol era perfecto y
    Fue ahí cuando supe
    Que tu me amaste.

  8. I really really LOVE this :) go visit my blog please?

  9. Thank you Lord is a wonderful poem. Thank you Lord for everything you bring into our lives. Thank you Lord for Katherine and her inspired writing that touches so many hearts.