Thursday, February 6, 2014


I need to get
Your light brown eyes
Out of my mind
I shake my head
Whenever the fresh cream of your
perfect complexion
Invades on my concentration
As if the vision of you
Staring directly into my
Thirsty soul
Is just marbles
Rattling around my thoughts
A glassy nuisance
I could just let you drop
Out of my eardrums
With a simple tilt of the head

The matter is more serious than that
For it's been two hours since I awoke
And your smile is a constant.


  1. I really love this <3 I haven't words to describe it <3 and can you follow me on Twitter? @Mybaysitterv? It can be so important to me <3

  2. I love it so much. It is beautiful. If you could follow me on Twitter that would make me happy @sarah_lemere

  3. Katherine this is beautiful. It's almost like you paint a picture with these lines you write. I really love it. Please do keep writing :)