Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tigers And Lions (for Alexa)

I wish I had
A star from the sky
To hold to my soul
So the gaps would close tight
And the rain
From the pain
Of my falls and mistakes
Wouldn't fall on my head
Instead it would tread
On the ground next to me
I'd be free from the teeth
Of the tigers and lions
Of guilt and despair
That gnaw at my thoughts
Till they thin and then tear
I could reach out my hand
And give it to people
Because without these dark shadows
I could see beyond my messes
And make others shine
Like bulbs from the sky
But, reality is
I'm blind by my sighs
And cries in the night
Of a heart, falling apart
Can't I please take myself
Put me on a shelf
So I can heal the sad souls
Of this broken-down world?

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