Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I tried to close
This growing hole
Inside my heart
With passing smiles
And light-hearted words
When really I
Should have seen
The best road taken
Is one away
From boys who twist
Their own false truths
And closely capture
My naive thoughts
With beckoning hands
And beautiful sentences
That make me feel healed
For a moment or two
But now I am finding
Each lie they have cast
Is tying me down
In this ocean
So I'm drowning
And the love that I tried
To give them right back
I see it now clearly
It was never love at all
And the moment they move
To another girl who
Will drink up their affection
Like tea from a cup
Is the moment my heart
Shows me its' black truth:
The hole is still here
And I can see that
It grew.

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