Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Hundred Days

Looking back
One hundred days
I thought today
Would be the day
When I could look
Back at your face
And say that I
Am now okay
But in my face
The truth is plain
In shots of pain
That streak my eyes
And in my brain
A thousand nights
Of you and me
Play constantly
My heart still aches
To this day
My tears still burn
On scribbled pages
My hands feel cold
And no one holds
My heart as much
As you still do
And when I see
Your coffee eyes
And when I count
The stars at night
You still come up
And fill my cup
With empty hopes
And dying dreams
And pain so deep
A million feet
I pull my sheets
Over my head
To block out you
And all you said
Promises, words
Torn up neatly
You said that you
Would always keep me
I wish you would
Quickly come back
Maybe my heart
Wouldn't feel black
Maybe my tears
Wouldn't stain my days
As I write your name
On a thousand pages
But now you're gone
With lines of girls
Soon you'll be
With her or her
I guess that I
Just wanted to say
That I miss you still
After one hundred days.

1 comment:

  1. Katherineee!

    Ohmygoshhhh. I LOVEEE this poem. So much.
    New favorite!

    I love the rhythm and rhyme and Everything!
    I am blown away by your talent :)