Friday, April 16, 2010

The Story Of A Pen

Today my pen
Ran out of ink
I ran its' dry tip
Back and forth
Trying, hoping
It would run
In elegant lines
Once more for me
But after a while
I found my pen
Had finally
Run out of life
No haiku, song or limerick
Would I write again with it
Then, after time,
Had passed a bit
I came back in
One more flick
I clicked the cap
I was surprised
To see a line
Black and curving
From its' tip
Alas, my pen
Had risen again!
I wrote the word
And this poem
Is the proof
That my pen
Has been renewed
Also, something
I have learned
From a pen,
So small
Is that people
Are like ink
When you may think
They're too far gone
Give them one more
Flick of faith
You may find
You were wrong.


  1. This is so faaar my favorite that I read!
    you are good!
    keep writing Katherine(:

  2. hi, I'm very like it as you write your songs and even nicer to me It would be particularly "enie menie and love me" nice if you wrote off me;)