Friday, July 2, 2010


Don't you know
How desperate you look?
Going around
From girl to girl
Shattering hearts
Like panes of glass
Building their hopes up
Only to smash
The fragments they kept
Yet now that you've stepped
On the last of their
Broken-up souls
The pain and the fear
Run swiftly as tears
Down from their eyes
As they see through your disguise
And though you may say
This is just as you planned
Heaven knows, you're a boy
Dressing up as a man
And with each trick you play
Same as each line you say
You're playing a game
Seeing girls without names
You call them the same
A word I won't say
But the truth is,
Through all of their pain
There is only one soul
Spinning out of control
And all that you do
Will catch up to you;
One day you will fall
Really care for a girl
And on that same day
She'll be your whole world
With beautiful eyes
Like her heart of pure gold
You'll want to be there
And do just as you're told
You won't be quite sure
How to act, what to say
Your lines won't work for
She's much more than your game
Then she'll smile at you,
Reach out for your heart
But then be confused
As you give her a part
A tiny, cracked piece
She won't know what to say
For she kept her heart whole
As you gave yours away
And you'll feel like your soul
Is covered in rain
For she sees you're a player
And won't take your game
You may ask how I know
That these things come to be
It's cause I knew that boy
And that girl was me.


  1. wow, haha that made my heart hurt. did this really happen to you? i will kick this guys's ---. hah jus playin. :)

  2. Yeahhh :/ but it's cool... bad experiences make good poems! haha

  3. haha so true, they do make good poems

  4. Diggin' your rhyming flow Kathuhhrine ! Oh gosh. & Sorry it has happened to you =[

  5. OMG I'm so sorry this had to happen to you, Kath. The CimFam will always be by your side! Keep smiling, stay strong and beautiful, and someday your prince will come <3
    Love the rhyming, by the way. :)