Thursday, July 1, 2010


You've seen who I am on the outside
With make-up and hair done, big, bright smile
You've seen me with best foot forward
But look past the inch and it goes a mile;
Sometimes I'm broken and can't find my way
Sometimes I can't think of what words to say
Over and over, I make big mistakes
Like trusting too quickly, I slam on the brakes
I make crazy messes
Inside of my head
With thought trains in circles
No logic, instead
I'll mix up a fact
With a feeling I felt
Then take it all back,
Blaming all but myself
Will you love me when
I am angry at you?
For different opinions
We both say are true?
What about days
When my hair is a mess
And I don't feel pretty,
Just frazzled and stressed-
Will you love me then?
Will you still be there?
What if I got cancer
And lost all my hair?
Would you see me for
Who I am deep inside?
See, I'm far from perfect
And don't want to hide
I want you to love me
With all of my scars
Cause that's how I'll love you-
For all that you are.


  1. you. katherine. cimorelli. write down the thoughts in my head that i cannot express myself. <3