Monday, August 30, 2010

One Hundred Reasons To Live (For Fantasia Barrino)

You sit on the floor in strangling silence
Feeling used up, with not much left to give
But, here in my heart, I will show you one hundred
Reasons to keep on, reasons to live;
First, are the notes
That escape from your throat
When you sing through your sorrows,
With grace you emote
Next, are the days
In this life you have left
So bursting with promise,
Like sparkling gems
Then there's your daughter,
Your beautiful girl,
She needs you to show her
The light in this world
There are hot cups of coffee
From dark, shiny beans,
And movies you love
With wonderful scenes,
Beautiful days
With hot sun in the sky
Questions from kids
Always wondering, "why?"
Soul-searching people
Who need those like you
To show them your talent
And make them feel new
Songs that make you
Feel like weeping with joy,
Buying your daughter her favorite new toy,
Black and white papers that tell you the news,
Jazzy club singers who sing you the blues,
Starry night skies that make you catch your breath
All of the shows that you have to play, yet,
The feeling of being upfront on the stage
To sing like a bird, let out of his cage,
Opening gifts from those that you love,
Writing new songs no one's ever thought of,
Sleeping on beds that feel just like clouds,
Sitting in silence, laughing out loud,
Helping out people who just need a hand,
Watching a boy grow into a man,
Knowing that you have a purpose in life,
Knowing you don't have to give up the fight
Hugging your mom, seeing her smile,
Knowing that you're an American idol,
Seeing old friends when it's been a long while,
Fresh, Autumn leaves scooped up in a pile,
Seeing the world, meeting your goals,
Steaming hot tea for when you're feeling cold,
Learning to trust, learning it's great
To get right back up when you fall on your face,
Learning to love who you are deep inside,
Seeing the ocean rush in at high tide,
Being with people who make you feel warm
Helping your daughter move into her dorm,
Summery days and hot, August nights,
Parties outside under twinkling lights,
Seeing an infant take his first breath,
Believing in magic, taking life's bets,
Swing-sets and treetops in lush, verdant parks,
Lampposts and rooftops with bright, singing larks,
Taking a bath after long, busy days,
Cold, rainy, Aprils and green, springing Mays,
Friends that you know like the back of your hand,
Swimming in oceans, walking on land,
Fresh, bulging fruit, hanging, plump, from a tree,
Juicy, green salads, ready to eat,
Making mistakes but then learning a lesson,
Feeling relaxed after far too much stressing,
Keeping your promises, growing each day,
Learning the way to be truly okay,
Driving on highways and blasting your songs,
Having true friends to dance, sing along,
Video cameras to make mem'ries stick,
Hot bowls of soup whenever you're sick,
People like me who wish you the best,
Big, comfy couches when you need a rest,
Hearing a song that gives you the chills,
Cracks of sunlight on white windowsills,
Painting your nails, finding your voice,
Gaining more insight from each messy choice,
People who start with a handshake "hello"
Then turn into family and help you to grow,
Cold cups of water on hot, scorching days,
Operas, museums, musicals, plays,
Poems like this that come from the heart,
Feeling in awe of a bold piece of art,
Reading good books, starting anew
Bouquets of flowers wrapped up just for you,
Finding the light after seeing the dark,
Learning to hit life right on the mark,
People all gathered 'round Thanksgiving feasts,
And, last but not least,
The fact that somewhere in a place up above,
A God watches over, a God full of love,
And after your time on this earth has gone past,
You'll find if you search for a Joy that will last,
You'll find it in Him, who will shine it in you,
Fantasia, there's so much to live for and do;
I pray that you'll look for this Joy and this Truth
I pray that you'll see all this world holds for you.


  1. Oh my gosh Kath Cim. This is probably going to be my favorite one of yours. It's very motivational with a powerful message & written with an amazing flow. I really hope she will see this. You are such an inspiration (:

  2. Thank you Katherine... this poem has helped me in SO many ways.