Monday, September 27, 2010


He sits outside
And stares into
The world that never
Turned his way
He breathes and hopes
That one day soon
Things will change,
He'll be alright
And no one knows
Except for me
How he feels or
How he dreams
Of days when he
Was young and strong
He'd play his songs
And sing along
His smile stuck
So well, like glue
He never knew
That one day soon
The colors coating
His very heart
Would change their shades
And then his art
Would go from gold
To midnight blue
And now whenever
He tries to smile
I see behind
Those sapphire eyes
The dripping tears
The lonely nights
I feel his pride,
Kicked in and torn
I see his shoes
So ripped and worn
From walking down
The giant hill
That represents
His battle, still,
He fights and fights
Gives in and crumbles
He runs, then walks,
Then trips and stumbles
And as he sits
There on the floor
My heart cries out
And even more
Than anything
I want to help
I know I'd give
My very self
To see him
Laugh out loud
Or smile
Because I know,
It's been a while.

1 comment:

  1. The flow was incredible (: Liek hoppity hop from one line to the next.