Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall-Flower Girl

I will never
Be the girl
Smiling, like a traffic light
A blinking signal,
Drawing eyes
Attention, admiration
Like lights for flies
I'm a little bit
Of a wall-flower girl
Hiding behind
Shyness and uncertainty
Never really knowing
If I'm good enough
Shooting too far
And trying too hard
I'm not that girl,
That effortless girl,
Who slides into her clothes
And swishes out the door
I trip over my feet
Too many times
To be like that
I look in the mirror
Then look away, quick,
Knowing that I
Am not that girl
With a million friends,
With a perfect face
Sometimes I ask,
What's wrong with me?
But other times,
Times like tonight,
I look at the moon
And say
Thank you that boys don't fall at my feet
Thank you that
I'm no one special
Just a heart full of love
And a beaming smile
And clumsy feet
And giving hands
I'm just me-


  1. Love it (: You're perfect just the way you are :P

    1. And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. :D

      Keep smiling and writing, Kath! <3