Friday, February 4, 2011

A Poem For Stoners

This is a poem for all my friends who have been affected by drugs in one way or another. Some people say it's not a big deal, but if you've ever seen your friend's passion and love for life slowly dwindle away from an addiction to drugs, you know that it is very much a big deal. God bless :)

You say,
It frees your mind
And nothing matters,
There's no time
You say
You need this feeling
That you're addicted
To this feeling

But when you wake up,
You're still sad
As all your senses
Dull to gray
And guilt comes back
To knock your door
And life still turns
In endless circles

And when you wake up,
You are not the same

You say it's you,
You say you're there

But all I see are burnt, red eyes
And crusty lungs and
Shattered dreams;
Spaghetti brains

It makes me cry
To see you die

One puff at a time.

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