Friday, February 4, 2011

Chicken & Stir-Fry

To my friend whom I love very much.

I remember
For it was just 2 weeks ago-

Chicken and stir-fry
On a plate

Laughter flowed
In easy streams
As we sat down
And prayed together

Over chicken and stir-fry
On a plate

It was you,
The daughter
And your sister
Mother, father
And then sat me,
The best friend

And for a moment,
There we were:

Chicken and stir-fry,
Easy laughter
We were a family
Two weeks ago

Then fast forward
To today

I got your call
This morning
My jaw dropped down
And my heart froze
As your words pierced
My deepest dreams,

"My mother, my father,"
You said to me
In blackest words
"Are splitting up."

And I cried out
To Jesus Christ,
I asked Him,
"Why these words?"

My heart was sad
My heart was angry

And I can't believe
The family I know
The family I love

Has shattered apart

I cry for you all-

Two daughters, a father
One mother and memories:
Chicken and stir-fry
On a plate.


  1. divorces are one of the hardest things to of my best friends a couple of years ago, went thru the same things. it's hard, but sometimes it's the right thing to do.
    hope ur friend the best.


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  2. This was a really nice piece.
    Amazing blog.

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