Sunday, April 10, 2011

Business As Usual

Yes, this is all on me;
I claim this as my fault.
I'm sorry I mistook
The words that you said
And the things that you did
As something coming
From a human heart
As some small form
Of human emotion

Sorry I was stupid
For guessing that you cared
I realize now that it was just
A business call,
And I was one
You could call "esteemed colleague"
I'll tell my heart
To shh, be quiet
And shake your hand,
Pump, pump, release
It's all in a day's work
And nothing more than that

I'm sorry that I thought
That maybe this was love.


  1. My life. My life. My life. Ugh boys. Where are the men? Hehe (:

  2. I love this poem :) Especially the last part... when it says "shh, be quiet" and the handshake... so clever and creative :)