Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dedicated to any person without a boy/girlfriend. This is for you; don't let the world convince you that you need to lower your standards.

Maybe we'll call this
My fault
And say that I
Mess everything up
Maybe the reason
I am alone
Is dark and sinister,
Deeply disturbed
But I choose to believe
That I am a dove
My white is too bright,
My peace is too much
And up in the sky
Though the view is unreal
It sometimes can feel a bit
But one day another
Dove will come by
And together we'll fly
In the peace of the sky
Together we'll journey
Together we'll cry
And we will find something
So precious, so hushed
It dies if you dawdle
It dies if you rush
And we will hold on
Not too tight, not too much
We'll let it grow slowly
And we'll call it love.

1 comment:

  1. thought this was a tightly written piece :)

    good stuff, kath :)