Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love // Lust

Love is an angel,
She floats in the sky
Flitting just higher
Than what we can reach
We beg for her presence
Inside our parched hearts
But she pleads with us,

Patience, time and temperance.

We huff away, cross,
Impatience in hand
And then we seek
What a stunning mirage
She sits in a garden
So easy to find
So low in the branches
So close to our touch
With wild eyes, gleaming,
We rush to her side
And before we know it
She slyly smiles
And slips into
Our cynical hearts
Her breath full of roses
Her gaze like a song
We fall in a spell
And, just for a moment,
We feel so close to Love,
So mixed up, messed up,
Mistaken, mismatched
We swim through embraces
Like swans in a pond
Ignoring the fact
That beneath our feet
Is a dark, deep hole
Of the filthiest muck
And then,
The next day
We stumble to Lust,
Desires bulging
Like a bloated stomach
Our eyes glazing over
As though covered in clouds
As we rush to her side
We're sickened to find
That the smiling maiden
Has changed quite a bit
And all that stands before us
Is a towering beast
With eyes glowing, crimson,
It clutches our wrists
Enslaved, now we are,
We try, but can't flee
For now we are stuck,
Now we are trapped.
And our hearts softly cry,
Sobbing in betrayal;
How could we hurt them,
desert them and fail them
When they were meant
For so much more?
And shortly we will see
Love's angel in the sky
Beckoning and calling
So beautiful and white
But staring down at our imprisoned wrists
Lust, at our side,
Lets out a dark laugh
And, lying as usual,
Tells us quite curtly,
"Once you're with me,
You can never go back."
As Love, our sweet angel,
Weeps softly and waits,
In patience and hope
For our return.

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