Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Dedicated to a friend I have lost to drugs.

I'm scared to see your eyes again
I'm scared to see your face
I'm scared because my heart tells me
The friend I knew has gone away
I'm scared cause I see darkness
Surrounds you like a cloud
I'm scared that you fell in a hole
And don't know how you can get out
I'm scared to look you in the eye
I'm scared you won't be there

If I confessed I cried for you,
Would you even care?

I'm scared you won't remember
The times we talked and laughed
I'm scared for you cause people say
Your heart has now turned black
They say the days that you were good
Are now stuck in the past
I'm scared that once you're too far gone
There's no way to come back

So on this night I lie here
So soaked in grief and strife
I pray to God to be with you
And save you from your life.


  1. I can feel your loss through assimilation, I can never know your true feelings. My heart goes out to you; I know the pain must burn deeply.

  2. Katherine, you are such a beautiful soul. I am in a similar position with one of my very best friends, and I wish more girls our age could just take a moment to feel Jesus' love the way you and I do, instead of worrying about what others think of them.