Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Take a clumsy paintbrush
And lazily let
The brightest of colors
Streak on a wall;
Your mother will find
Your masterpiece
And shout that paint
Is solely for paper.

This is the way that we are-
So innocent and childish.

Take a starry night
And fight the perfect vantage point
Then sprinkle the sky
With shooting stars
And curl up with your closest friend
To watch a secret symphony
Play your favorite songs.

This is the way I feel
When you look at me;
So breathless and awestruck
And grasping for words.

Now take the fiercest ocean
And the smallest, frightened child
Then place the child upon the sand
And hear the way she cries and screams,
Watch the way
She runs in fear
Terrified to even touch
A tiny drop of turquoise water;

This is the way I feel
About love and all its' implications.

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  1. that is an awesome poem. I love the color turquoise. such an amazing color. please follow me on twitter annabethchase24 :)