Monday, March 26, 2012

Light // Dark

She is scoffed at
She is shunned and
She is mocked
And the world says
She is silly with
Insipid giggles
And boisterous bliss
She stands there,
Quiet, thoughtful
She won't shout and
She won't stomp
She simply stands
And if you know her
You will see
She's marked with
Softest grace
Her hair is
And golden, kind
Her eyes are grey
With wisdom, deep
She glows with
Open nourishment
And quietly
Her gazing beckons
Man to come
And listen as she
Speaks in words
As deep as pools
That sparkle silver
With emerald gems
Green is she
With growth and life;
She welcomes all
To bask and thaw.

She is talked about
With raised eyebrows
And cunning winks
For in this world
We hold her high
She sits atop
A stone-cold throne
As drunken dancers
Lift her up
To show off all
That she can be

Yet, listen when she speaks
And look into those amber eyes
The soul who slips
Into her grips
Will find himself
Dipped deep in Pride
As he shows off how
He courts her
With golden bangles
And spiral curls
She fascinates
Our curiosity,
Our restless minds
Yes, until
We get her down
To sit and talk
And she speaks now
In serpent,
In toad and in slime
And the words she says
Like the thoughts she grabs
Are lies
Simple, plain
And the soul that stoops
To shake with her chills
Will soon find she
Is crass, insipid
As the curtain lifts
And Truth may dazzle
We see in her,
That she stands for
No wisdom she holds
No depth to her narcissism
She eats at dreams,
Licks our soft bones clean
As we show off her bangles
Her curls and her lies
Our minds grow thirsty
For thoughts were made
For wisdom's LIGHT-


  1. Oh my goodness Katherine!! :) this is so beautiful! You are such a talented writer!

  2. This is beautiful. I love all of your poems!

  3. Such an amazing poem, Katherine!!!
    I love it, the way you choose these wise words...
    I love your awesome poems, Kath <3

  4. aaaaah I check here everyday for a new poem and when one is up I get so excited cause I know it's gonna be so beautifully written!
    Keep it up, love all your poems :))<3

  5. THANK YOU ALL! Your comments are so uplifting and encouraging! God is love!! :)