Sunday, May 6, 2012

I don't understand.

For a friend I never meant to lose but still feel like I've already lost.

I don't understand
What happened
I don't understand
How we got like this
Maybe there was
Something I said
Maybe there was
Something I missed
Yet I cry out
From this corner
For you and the person
I know that you are
I know that your soul
Shines bright as a light
And I know that
Our friendship
Was brilliant like stars
And maybe the reason we've drifted
Has something to do with
The person I am
Maybe it was a misunderstanding
I just know this:
I don't understand.
I don't understand
How it happened
I just know that I wish that we
Could go back to the way
That we were all along;
Just a pure simple peace,
Just a pure simple "we".


  1. This makes me sad, the lines 'And maybe the reason we've drifted/Has something to do with/The person I am'. I hope you dont really feel this, the person you are is beautiful inside and out, and any friends you've lost, it's THEIR loss! If they didn't appreciate you the way you should be appreciated, then dont get caught up on losing them <3

  2. Thanks Katie <33 I really appreciate it. It's hard not to blame yourself when a friendship goes awry, ya know? But honestly my life is in God's hands, so everything will be okay in the end. :)

  3. I love how you were able to bring all these emotions and worries to the surface to really write it out. I know how much this has been eating at you, and I wish it would go back to normal already :( But the way you convey emotions within your poetry is always so amazing <3

  4. Yo como una lectora que he perdido un amigo solo puedo decir: La amistad es como las relaciones. Depende de los dos, no solo de uno. Dios permite que conozcamos a personas para adquirir experiencia. Siempre da lo mejor de ti. Si es una amistad verdadera el regresara. En cambio sino lo era, solo será un bonito recuerdo.

    I as a reader I've lost a friend I can only say: Friendship is like relationships. Depends on the two, not just one. Know God allows people to gain experience. Always give your best. If the return true friendship. Instead it was, just be a nice souvenir.

    Please excuse me my bad English. It is not my primary language. Please excuse me.

  5. Yeah, I definitely know how that feels Kath! I blame myself for just about everything that goes wrong, but it was YOU that taught me not to do that!It was you that taught me how to have self-esteem and belief. If the friendship was meant to be, He will make sure you're going in the right direction with it. I haven't even met you (yet), though I know it can not be your fault, just be patient :)<3

  6. Wow, Kath. This is amazing. I just can't help it but feel sad when a friendship goes away. <3 I love you.