Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who You Could Be

Tear down the drywall
And step out of the shadows
Strip back the layers
Like paint into piles
Of mirages of images
Of who you thought you should be
Oh, please, my dear
Those pictures are really and truly

I see who you could be
With preconceived notions removed
Like curtains covering a hole in the wall
Pouring emotions like a current, unstoppable
That could be you.
Honest and raw
I see the possibility
I see you there and
You were afraid of me because
I saw into your heart's soul
But in the end
You came around and
Wrapped up in me because
You can see, too,
How incredible you could be.


  1. Kathy, this song is so meaningful and amazing! One of your bests :)
    -Nadine :)

  2. You always know what say when someone needs. That's what I was needed to read. you have the best words, sweet words.