Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nine and Three-Quarters

I wrote this for my little brother, Nicky, as I was driving back from Nor Cal.

Right now we're on a long car-ride
And your arms are all scratched up
From holding your brand new kittens
You've always been irrepressible
And tough on the outside but
Sweet as cold summer's ice tea in that
Fragile, stubborn heart of yours
I'm holding back tears
Hoping the best for you,
Praying and praying
That you will grow
Confident and strong,
Bright and joyful
I don't know how to tell you
How much I love you;
There's only so much I can say
When you're only nine and three-quarters
But I hope one day
You will read these words
And know that I
Pray for the world for you,
I pray for the brightest and best and
For strength in the face of temptations and
Fierce convictions through the
Challenges that await
I love you, my brother,
Only nine and three-quarters
And if you ever fall down
Don't be afraid to
Stand up again,
Quick as you can

You are better than anyone could ever tell you.

Please, don't believe any less than that.


  1. Kath if you listen to Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift you're gonna cry a river, she tells a story about her brother, Austin. Please go check It. I ok y <3

  2. It almost sounded as if you were his mom. But I believe someday, when he could truly understand what you wrote... He'd probably smile and say... "I'm proud to have a sister like you"

    (based on a true experience :) ... hahe)

  3. This is so cute, ahh Katherine! i love it <3 x

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