Thursday, June 6, 2013

Somewhere at the Intersection of Hope and Fear

Somewhere at the intersection of Hope and Fear
I walked slowly,
Afraid and excited
Unsure of each step forward
But refusing, still,
To go backwards
I asked you for a secret
And you sent me
A letter of broken notes
From a dusty piano
I'm unaware of the pieces of you
I should be holding onto
As I let go of myself
Close my eyes
And slip silently into still waters,
Green and warm
I'm not quite convinced
That drowning in this indecision
Is where I shall remain
I stop chasing and

I notice my heartbeat-
Insistent and reassuring
And I hold your letter to the fire
As I watch it being swallowed
In the flames of
All the ways you did not care
And all the ways I stubbornly did.


  1. Fear corrupts a mind,
    but hope can also blind,
    specially when answers are hard to find.

    That's the reason God existed,
    For human minds may fail,
    But faith to God results to a smooth sail...

    (I dunno why I wrote this, I guess I just got carried away... but these are the words I really need in my life right now.)

    Thanks for the inspirational poem Kath:))

  2. This describes my life right now. Thank you :)