Monday, November 11, 2013

True Self.

Who are you?

I think I can see you,
Standing there
Somewhere on an island
Although the vision is blurry
I see you and
I wish for our union
I want to be united with you.
I want to become everything you are.
For your movements are relaxed
And your face shows something
I've never seen;
You are real.
You are genuine.
You are not the acid reflux
Of your mother's wounds
And your father's pain
You are not a copy,
Or a wound up, lifeless robot
You are an original
And I want to be with you.
Please, if you would just let me
Look into your bold, brown eyes
I think I could understand
I think I could become
Something raw like
The untouched earth
Bathing in the morning sunlight
For you see the scars
And bruises I've hidden
From the days my heart
Was shamed and starved
The grief fills my eyes with tears
When I see you,
So beautiful,
When I behold
The warmth in your soul

How I would work,
Oh, how I would do anything
To be just like you.


  1. Wow, this is so good. When I read this I can see it's your passion :)

  2. This composition is extraordinary:

    "You are not the acid reflux
    Of your mother's wounds
    And your father's pain..."

    The entire poem is wrenching. A woman/girl reaching for the transcendent man that may be there, but every man knows he is not.

  3. Terrible situation: He is the one among many, really true and genuine; at last, she has found him, but still, he doesn't let her discover his heart's secret garden...

    We are not aware of our own interior darkness, of all the emotional unsincerity and scars we usually carry, as an acid reflux, until we stumble upon someone true and genuine. It operates the same effect as a beam of meridian light on an eyesick: A very intense, crushing pain and terror before the possibility of knowing who we are in reality.

    We can react by shooting the messenger, or, as this worthy lady, you might try to learn, soothe, and heal your wounds, no matter how much it may hurt...

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    1. You realize that I can never use the words 'acid reflux' now. Two words, wrenched from my barely beating literary pulse that I will not be able to even hear without thinking of your poem. You put them to good use. Leonard Cohen did it with 'closing time'; and now this. May not be long and most words will be out of my reach and I'll be silent. A contented silence, because it's been a good life and I've been fortunate enough to absorb great talent, have amazing kids, been involved, revolted, joyous, and yes, on very rare occasions, had acid reflux. Hey, maybe I won't go silent after all.

      I would love to know your thoughts on modern writers - one of my favourites is Margaret Atwood.As a Canadian I'm happy that Alice Munro won the Nobel. She is eminently readable. Aldous Huxley and Alan Watts have been major influences for me.

  5. I started reading stuff on your page back when a friend passed me a link to it, it took me a while to actually figure out I had seen you with your sisters. Anyways, As a writer of everything... I love your style. And your heart. You are an amazing writer.

  6. Hi KathCim,
    I don’t know what random search originally brought me to it but I have enjoyed reading all of the poems on your blog. This one is my favorite so far. I liked it so much I had to join the Google just to tell you. Your writing gets progressively better and better over the time span of the blog. I look forward to reading what is still to come.
    Your poems also reminded me that I used to like to write as well. Thank you.

  7. Forgot to mention I started a blog since I'd already joined the Goggle. Not sure if I'll keep it up but posted a few fresh poems;). Have a peak if you're interested.

  8. Great poetry! Your work just keeps getting better and better! Would you mind taking a peek at some of my work and giving me some feedback? Thanks! I'm just starting to write again and would really love some critique :) Have a great day and may God bless you Katherine!

  9. Hallo Kath, can u follow me on twitter please? u will my 7/7♥ please Kath, I will really happy, my twitter @SabinaOfficial