Monday, November 11, 2013

First Friend

I'm sorry for everything.

I mumbled pathetically
through a storm of
tears pouring down
upon my downcast face
I've loved you everyday
since the day I met you

You were my first friend here

And I am so grateful for everything
that we have been through
but now we are nothing
and all that remains
is a quiet keepsake
in the palm of my hands
a picture of the two of us
I miss you already
I missed you the second I drove away tonight

I'm just sorry,
Sorry for everything.


  1. That poem just puts into words what I've been feeling lately, about many people I have met a long time ago and to whom I could tell "but now we are nothing".
    Your words have the magical power of capturing souls, moments, emotions, I'm so glad we get to read your poems.
    I love you so much ♥

  2. I'm terribly sorry. I think terribly is the operative word here. Sorry.

  3. That is a true work of the imagination and heart. Your words grab my mind, capture my soul, and leave me wanting more. Also, I am Cimorelli's biggest fan and I hope you come to the midwest soon.

  4. This poem really speaks to me. Me and my friend, let's call her Jessica, knew each other almost from birth, but we grew apart. She developed behavior that I did not agree with, and she started to pull me down with her. I could not let that continue so I had to let her go. We communicate on and off now, but, unfortunately, things will never be the same.

    Great job Katherine! :)

    - Lauren Michele

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  6. the only bad thing is that it's in Portuguese!
    But places to translate, or just look because it's a showcase!