Thursday, July 7, 2011


Impatience jumps
Like a restless child
Frowning, always frowning
Disapproving of our actions
And giving us quick reasons
Of why we need it now
And suddenly we see
Reality fast forwarded
And the shortest route
Seems like the best to travel
But let's not walk,
Let's run.
Skip all the stops,
Don't you dare smell those flowers
Grow up as fast
As your body allows
Shed your childhood skin,
That ugly old thing,
And meet every milestone
In five seconds flat
Rush, rush, rush
Impatience can't wait
She says
Step on this train
And we'll take the shortcut
Heart racing, arms flailing,
Schedule packed
Like a cup of sugar
We never noticed
That after this race,
This marathon rush,
All that is left
And behind those peering,
Impatient eyes
Is a dark, dark voice
And a clouded mind,
An eater of time
Who hopes you won't notice
How you've lived your life.

1 comment:

  1. It is so amazing the fact that you take a word like impatience, and makes a poem about it so alive. You chose the words with care and precision. The poem is simply wonderful.