Thursday, July 7, 2011


Dedicated to a woman who is always in my prayers.

Her frame was small,
So sickly small
Her arms were like
Two spindly sticks
Her eyes were wild
And in her cheeks
I could see
Her curvy skull
For death was wrapped
Around her waist,
Hungry for her haggard soul
And I could see
Hiding behind
A caffeine tic;
A fragile smile
Thinly veiled
A train of thoughts,
So lost and sick
I couldn't help but gasp
For I could see
She wasn't there
Her mind was somewhere
Far behind
Distorted dreams and
Twisted cares
I wanted to cry out
And ask her what was wrong?
But I could see
She didn't see
How things had gone
So wrong
And in her wasting body
Her soul, too,
Was quite weak;
She needed help,
She needed strength,
She needed food to eat

It breaks my heart
That what she fears
Is exactly what she needs.


  1. this one is so strong! i just felt every words that your heart and mind speaks.. good job! Great indeed!

  2. my cousin had been anorexic and now she's doing a thatre play to support girls with anorexia!! my cousin s actres ! i.m fron spain. :)

  3. You made me cry. It's not really that i know someone who suffers from it but i can imagine it though. I've been 'haunted' my whole life by people telling me im not good enough and people judging me. I was at a point i wasn't eating anymore. I mean, people telling me i need to loose weight, so it was the easiest way right? Im glad i knew that it was wrong what i did so i stopped doing that. Though Im praying for everyone who is dealing with it. Boys, girls, men and women.